Our Team.

This Curriculum Guide to improving Youth Engagement and Action for Health (YEAH!) incorporates recommendations from multiple, diverse communities around the United States. We partnered with middle schools, after-school programs, non-profit organizations, city council members, and other community leaders to understand how youth of color in urban, rural, and suburban places translate their needs for healthier communities into action steps for themselves, their families, friends and neighbors.

This YEAH! Curriculum provides guidance to adult leaders in schools, youth serving organizations, faith-based organizations, and other community groups on how to deliver this material to youth. The curriculum provides a variety of content and suggestions to help adults plan and deliver each session.

We hope you use this curriculum guide to successfully start a YEAH! Club with youth in your community. YEAH! is a fantastic way for youth to understand how the design and function of their school and/or community impacts their health, to develop an action plan that can lead to changes, and to advocate for these changes with decision makers in their own community.

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