S10| Practice Makes Perfect

Session Overview

Does practice make perfect? It is clear that practice helps prepare for successful engagement by brainstorming potential conflicts, identifying awkward moments during a presentation, and reducing nervousness. It is important for youth to practice leading up to their presentation to decision-makers.


  1. Play Civics 101
  2. Practice
  3. Decision Maker Meeting Tips
  4. Prep Audience Evaluation
  5. Prep Decision-Maker Reflections


  1. None


  1. Session 10 PowerPoint
  2. Tips for Meeting with Decision-makers
  3. Sample Audience Evaluation


  • Communicator: Contacts decision maker(s) to schedule the presentation
  • Clerk: Takes attendance, summarizes community assessment, takes notes during the assessment debrief
  • Photographer: Takes and uploads photos and/or videos to the selected location
  • Event Coordinator: Passes out supplies for each group
  • Healthy Snack Ambassador: Hands out snacks

Helpful Hints

  • Have a timer and make sure each group presents for only 15 minutes
  • Limit the audience evaluation and decision-maker reflections to a few numeric scale and/or yes/no questions and one answer questions

In this session, the YEAH! club members will practice their action plan advocacy presentations. If you are able, have the youth practice in the location of the final presentation.

Session Prep and Reflection:

  • What’s your plan for this session?
  • What worked well?
  • What did not work well?
  • What was a challenge for you?
  • What were the “wows” from this Session?
  • What are you going to do differently next time?


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